Hemp History and Health Benefits- A new way of thinking




The Hemp plant is a member of the cannabis family, unlike it’s cousin marijuana, it does not contain high levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ) the ingredient that is known for making you high.


Although in the United States the legalization of  Hemp has stirred up quite the controversy, the tide seems to be turning.

Canada, for example is among some 32 other counties that currently have an active and thriving industrial Hemp market. Also several US States have passed legislation to allow medical and some recreational use. However, there are still federal laws that supersede the local authority.


Check out the History

It may surprise you to learn how extensive the impact of the hemp industry  has had on American history over the last 10,000 years.Black-and-white

George Washington and Ben Franklin actually grew Hemp on their plantations. At one point it was mandatory that all farmers plant hemp fields or possibly face time in jail when supplies were low. It was in 1937 that the government began to criminalize it. Thankfully though some new Crop-Fieldlegislation in the last few years have made it possible for researchers to begin exploring the seemingly limitless possibilities once again.

Hemp has been used for many years in the production of items such as clothing, beauty products, sails, ropes, tents and building materials, just to name a few. Paper made of hemp is stronger than paper made from wood and it was used to make some of the  pages in the first bibles.


There are many health benefits associated with including this incredible super foodhemp-combo into your diet!


There are several ways that you can include Hemp into your diet.

The seeds are harvested, cleaned and then pressed to extract the oil which can then be added to your morning coffee, you can

Sprinkle roasted seeds over your favorite salad.

There are a wide variety of supplements available or simply add it to your smoothie in powder form.


The American Heart Association recommends including Omegas 3 and Omega 6 as part of a healthy diet.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that are being reported from this small addition to your diet.

Foods such as fish and nuts contain high levels of omega fatty acids. There are a lot of  people who do not regularly eat a diet that includes enough of the recommend amount of these omegas, by adding Hemp, which  also contains a highly concentrated level of Omegas,  One should soon notice the rejuvenating effects.

Among other things, many people report that their hair and skin feel much lotionhealthier. You will discover there are a wide array of skin care and beauty products available,  including everyday items such as shampoo, lotion and pain relieving cream.

Although it is still being studied, strains of the cannabis plant are also being credited for providing relief to those that suffer from anxiety, stress and depression disorders.

Just reducing stress should help us live a longer and happier life, so I am told every time I seem my doctor.

The Americans Cancer Society found in recent studies that some components found in hemp have proven successful in reducing pain and nausea in patients being treated for ovarian cancer. The researchers are even suggesting that hemp may slow the progression of cancer cell migration. What a wonderful discovery that would be. Fortunately, in recent years some legislation has changed to allow this type of research to continue.

Many people with chronic pain are being prescribed forms of Hemp or Marijuana (depending on the medical diagnoses) and the results are very encouraging. With relief from pain and inflammation patients suffering from  chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or cancer are able to live a more comfortable life.

Most commonly people think that cannabis makes you hungry and in fact it is reported that THC  tends to have that side effect. However, the hemp plant has a very low concentration of THC.  Oil made from hemp does not contain THC and has been effective as an appetite suppressant.

Hemp seeds contain fiber, protein, vitamin E and calcium just to list of few of the nutritional components found in the hemp seeds. These are key components in reducing inflammation and helping to prevent plaque buildup in arteries. Truly the possibilities are endless.


My understanding is that as long as the level of THC is at a level that in compliance with federal law then it is considered a hemp produce which then makes it legal in all 50 states. If you have any real concerns regarding the legalities, I would recommend that you consult local legal council. Legislation is changing every year.

Where is it heading

It has just begun! There is still plenty that we don’t know about the side effects of using cannabis but there are too many positive results to ignore the possibilities. After learning the history and the many beneficial uses for this crop, I would expect to continue to see an increase in industrial farming of this wonderful renewable resource and research projects surrounding the effects of using it. Maybe there will be more jobs created as the industry progresses.  I support the effort to legalize and the utilization of Hemp. I will be reviewing some products. Please leave any comments or questions below and if there is a specific product that you would like me to review please let me know and we will see where that journey will take us.


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  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I am a huge supporter of Hemp and Cannabis. I use CBD oil everyday to manage my fibromialgia pain and help with anxiety and sleep issues. Amazing! The stuff is magical, I swear! Great site!

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