Healthy Hemp Treats For Your Pet


Have you ever considered hemp treats for your pet? That was a new concept for me but it certainly makes perfect sense. Previously , I discussed how beneficial hemp has been in the treatment of certain conditions in humans, and what an impact it has had on our history, but did you know that our pets can benefit from it as well!

Spoil Them With Treats!

We all love our pets and most of us would do almost anything to make them happy. I know all three of my dogs are spoiled rotten. Just like in humans, pets have body ailments and they get worse as they age. With that in would you consider a treat that could relieve some of their pain and discomfort. Many treats that are formulated for animals are intended to help freshen their breath or clean their teeth but treats made with Hemp are intended to help in areas of a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

pet medLet’s take a look at a few examples. Have you ever had a dog that freaks out on New Years Eve when the fireworks start going off? Many dogs are terrified of the loud noises. Consider giving them a treat with hemp seeds added to it. Hemp seeds help reduce stress and tension, There are several options for rewarding your pet with a treat that contains either hemp oil or add some drops to their favorite treat.

These treats are specifically formulated to aide in reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain  depending on the needs of your pet. If your pet has a problem with anxiety, for example a hemp oil infused soft chew could help keep him  calm. That could make the next road trip less of an issue for him and maybe he won’t run and hide the next time the neighbor stops by.

Bedding and Toys!

If your pet preference includes the smaller animals such as rabbits or hamsters then you will more likely be interested in bedding for their pens. Bedding made of hemp produces less dust than those made with many other products, this helps with reducing respiratory problems. Hemp contains a very strong fiber content helping It stays dry longer and absorbed more, it is a natural and renewable resource and it lasts longer.

Many material items are made from the hemp plant. Items like rope, paper and building materials. Cat tree scratching posts with hemp rope wrapped areas for scratching or napping.

Healthy Shinny Coats!

Adding Hemp shampoos and conditioners to your pets grooming will help relieve inflammation and dry itchy skin helping your pet have clear healthy coats and well conditioned skin.

Not Your Average Oil

In addition to treats, supplements and skin care products, Oil is extracted pet-oilfrom the seeds and processed to allow a pet owner to add drops to their pets food or put directly into their mouths. These oils come in a wide variety of formulas. From reducing stress to decreasing pain and seizures.

Is This The Future For Pet Care?

Many states in recent years have passed laws that have allowed researchers to begin the process of  understanding this wonder weed . At this point there hasn’t been much research done relating to the medical effect hemp has on pets. Never the less, Many pet owners report seeing improvement in their pets conditions after using some of these products.

The American Veterinary Association has not taken an official stand on the use of Hemp or Cannabis . In fact some veterinarians are concerned that the lack of regulation increases the risk of over use leading unintentional overdoses.

Consumers should proceed with caution and make independent educated decisions regarding the use of this or any other product.