Welcome to Hemp Health and History



Welcome to Hemp Health and History! On this site I will be sharing my research and my opinion regarding the health benefits of using hemp products and the many other reasons we should consider keeping an open mind regarding the use of this amazing renewable resource.

About Me

I was raised in the country where we used all kinds of herbs as medicine.  So it seems natural for me to look to plants for relief from different systems.  I have personally witnessed the relief that was given to a patient with some sever health issues after using hemp.  That was when I began my quest to learn more about this amazing plant family. That’s right The Cannabis Family. I was totally amazed when I learned how many ways this wonder weed can be utilized.


Comfortable Living

Not only do humans report relief from the use Hemp products but your pet can enjoy relief from components found in the Hemp plant.


Hemp Is Not The Enemy

Unfortunately! Hemp has been given a bad rap. Many times accused of being its close cousin (marijuana) Hemp will not get you high.

I hope to help lift that stereotype and open the minds of people to help them see how useful this wonderful plant has been to our ancestors and how beneficial it can become in their own lives.


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